Monday, June 13, 2016

Harvesting Spuds

We participated in BC Agriculture's Spud in Tubs program
again this year.
We shared our tubs with a grade one class and our big buddies
grew spuds too.
Today we harvested the potatoes to get ready for our celebration
which will be on Wednesday.
We explored the tops and the bottoms
(stalks and roots).
There were not many leaves left since the bunnies,
that live in our school yard, found a way into the garden.
While we dug for potatoes we found some of the seed potatoes
that started this experiment.
We laid them out to count (about 200) and compared how many were in each tub.
Then took them inside for a washing.
The children enjoyed using a toothbrush to scrub the potatoes.
They talked about brushing their own teeth with 
a toothbrush.

Today we made Potato Scones.
 I mixed the flour, baking powder and cold butter
then the children added mashed potatoes.
We used our hands to mix the mash potatoes into the flour.
Very few were hesitant about getting their hands messy.
They were each given a small amount and they rolled it out flat.
Then put them in the frying pan.
Flip when golden brown.
We decided they looked and tasted more like pancakes
then scones.
We topped them with raspberry jam or apple butter.

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