Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Selling Apples

Last week I shared the children's play with picking apples.
The day after that post a parent donated two big wardrobe boxes
perfect for dramatic play.
I just had to do a couple of cuts and folds to create two market stands.
We added cash registers and the children were busy buying and selling.
The younger children were interested in climbing in and out of the box.
And hoarding.
I encouraged a couple of the older children to create signs for the boxes.
Each morning the market stands wait ready.
Each morning the children pick their roles of buyers or sellers.


  1. Hello Maureen

    I bet that these kids are having loads of fun. They are little business people. I think it is a great idea that the older kids made sighs. I Hope the little kids have a lot of fun selling/buying the apples. Oh and one more thing can I order 3 apples please?

    1. Hi James, yes the children loved climbing in the boxes to sell the apples after they picked them from the trees. Sorry we missed selling you some apples but I think they will be back now that we have learned that horses like to eat apples.