Sunday, November 13, 2016

Runaway Gingerbread

Several years ago we pretended that our gingerbread cookie ran away
and asked friends and family from around the world to send us 
post cards of what the cookie might see and do
if they visited them.
It was a huge success.
It was so exciting to receive postcards from all over.
This year we are doing it again.
It started last Thursday when I invited James, a baker from a local grocery store,
to come in and make gingerbread cookies with us.
He was great with showing the children how to separate an egg,
introducing them to molasses,
and demonstrating how to roll out and cut the gingerbread boy and girl.
Into the oven the cookies went.
Mmm they started to smell good.
While the gingerbread cookies were baking our big buddies visited for story.
Ms Smith, their teacher, read the story of The Gingerbread Man.
Just as she finished the story James yelled from the kitchen,
"oh no, stop stop"
The gingerbread cookies had jumped out of the oven when
he was checking on them.
They ran out into the hallway crumbling a little as they went.
The buddies went out to investigate and saw the trail of crumbs.
They followed it all the way to the door heading outside.
There was note that the big buddies read to the little buddies.
Run, run as fast you can,
I'm off to see as much of the world as I can!

We were standing in the school foyer wondering what we were going to do.
Should we go outside and try to find them?
Maybe they were on the roof.
Then one of our big buddies suggested we make 'Wanted' posters
to put up so others might help.
They got to work creating posters.
Sharing ideas of how to describe the cookies and what should
be a reward.
Posters are made and ready to go up around the school.
Can you help?
Send us a post card from where you live or are traveling,
telling a little story of what the gingerbread cookie might see or do.
Mail it to:
Brooklyn StrongStart
1290 Guthrie Rd.,
Comox, British Columbia
V9M 4G2

We look forward to checking our mail box.


  1. Hi Maureen
    It was rally fun doing the ginger brad man hunt.
    my little buddy was so cut and her twin was to.
    I wish that the gingerbread man was real it would be so good to eat.
    Until next time Kaya

    1. I think it would be amazing if the gingerbread were real but then we couldn't eat them.