Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bubble Blow Painting

This week I invited the families to paint with coloured bubbles.
The bubble juice was coloured with food colouring and placed
in old muffin tins.
The children were encouraged to blow bubbles pointing at the easels.
The first challenge was to get enough bubble juice on the wand.
The parents were wonderful models on how to make it work.
 I enjoyed watching this father and son begin.
The father guided the wand into the bubble juice then up for his son to blow.
After trying it he handed the wand to his son to try it on his own.
A fun experience that they shared together.
By the end of each day we had lots of bubble prints on paper and
the table top was wonderfully coloured too.
But since it is soap it washes off.
We have been playing with bubble outside
so the children loved doing this activity

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