Friday, June 30, 2017

Final Fairy Lane Visit

This is it, my final post as a StrongStart facilitator.
It is my pleasure to share our last visit to Fairy Lane as my final post.
As we waited for all the families to arrive we painted a large branch.
We left the branch to dry while we went for a walk in the Lane.
We had some new clay doors to add and we were hoping to see 
a glimpse of a fairy.
Seeing this butterfly from a distant looked like a fairy.
Still so many houses to see in Fairy Lane.
It warms my heart that families still visit 
and bring more doors and houses 
for the fairies.

Our main purpose for this visit was to have a tea party.
The fairies had invited us for tea and we were not disappointed.
As we walked down the trail we found stumps covered
with clothes and laden with cups, tea pots and cookie tins.
There was even a little set for the fairies.

But before we had tea I suggested we visit the rest of the Lane
and find spots for our new doors.
Once we had placed them all we went back for our tea and cookies.
The children took turns pouring their tea
and sharing the cookies.
The cups and tea pots are the perfect size for independence.
It was delicious.
Thank you Fairies for a wonderful time.

Now time to leave a present for them.
We went back and collected our painted branch.
Then looked for the best place to hang it.
I wonder if any fairies will land on it.

Thank you for following along with me.
I've been a facilitator for the past ten years and have been
blogging for seven of them.
I strongly recommend all of you to share your ideas
either in a blog or on Instagram.
It has been an amazing reflection tool and has opened up the world.

May your summer be relaxing and re-energizing.
Take a moment to appreciate the work you do with children,
either as a parent or educator.
You have a very important job so have fun with it.



  1. Does this mean you are just done for this year or are you ending your career? I just discovered your blog this year and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. This was my first year teaching preschool (3s and 4s) after teaching kindergarten for the past 16 and I got so many ideas from the posts. I'll have to search through your archives to find some more good stuff. I love how you present and let your kids explore. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I wish you luck (or hopefully, will see more of your posts after the summer!).

    1. Hi Jennie, this is my final post for StrongStart as I have retired from that position. But I'm a new grandparent and look forward watching and exploring what we can do together. So you may see more posts in the future. Thanks for following along and please do look back through the years for ideas.

  2. What a wonderful memory for the children!