Thursday, September 14, 2017

Inspired by Hydrangeas

 I picked some hydrangeas from my garden and set them up
as an inspiration for painting.
 Blue, purple and white paint was offered on a small plate
with old fashioned shaving brushes
 The size and shape of the brush is perfect for little hands to grip.
 And they worked great for mixing the paint and dabbing or swiping on the paper.
 This is my attempt, I may make a large painting using this technique.
 Small amount of green paint was offered in a milk jug lid.
I couldn't find any tiny brushes so I cut coffee stir sticks shorter.
 Love all the different movement I can see in this painting;
dabbing, swiping, swishing, stopping and lifting.
This turned out to be a fun colour mixing activity.
She made the colour of the ocean.

Taking the activity one step further and getting his fingers involved.

The following photos show the concentration and enthusiasm of 
one child as she explores the materials.
One of my favourite parts of this job is watching and enjoying
the children.

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