Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jello Oceans

The children were a bit confused when they saw blue jello on the art table.  
And a little disappointed when glue was added 
to it. 
Some were ready to run their fingers through it when I told them it was our fingerpaint today.
While others were a little more reserved and took a gentle approach.
Jello fingerpainting caught on and soon it was squished, smeared, and slimed across the papers.

There were paper fish, crabs, and green tissue paper seaweed to make an ocean scene.

Or create your own story like this little boy did.
"The rocketship blasts off, woosh, brmmmm, shhhhake, shhhhake."
"Do you know it shakes?" he asks me. 
"Oh" I said.
"Because it goes fast"
"shhhhake, shhhake"


  1. This is a great idea - a sensory activity and a fantastic art activity in one!

  2. Kristin it was a learning experience for me too. For some reason I expected the jello to cover the paper - more like pudding - but it just clumped. That was the reason glue was added.

  3. Very cute. I've been waiting for my baby to get old enough to sit up so we could all try painting with jello.