Monday, June 13, 2011

Snail Garden

For the last week we have been growing grass in a tub to invite a few snails into live for awhile.

We used the wheat grass seed again in half of the tub and regular lawn grass seed in the remaining half.
We watered it and watched it grow.  I also brought in flowers for colour and food for the snails.
Today some snails arrived.

It didn't take the snails long to move right in and feel at home.

The snail garden has been a wonderful way to learn about snails; how they move, names of parts of their body, what do they eat, the environment they live in (dry vs moist).
It's wonderful to get up close and really get to know the snails.
We have six of them.
Children are good at teaching each others how to care for living things.


  1. I love this idea! Would you mind if I shared it over on my blog at some point? I am very keen to develop the nature aspect of my website and would love to have a go at a snail garden to get things going. Sadly no children of my own - but a stepdaughter at weekends - so I'll have to do the snail thing myself, but I love playing!

    Again, a really lovely blog.


  2. Hi Charlotte, I think snails are fascinating and very calming to watch. So you don't need children to have your own snail garden. Start your grass, adopt a few snails, sit back and watch.
    I'm thrilled that you would like to share the idea on your blog.

  3. Were can you adopt or get snails? We have one snail that showed up on our door step two years ago. It is a happy snail living in our home. My kids love this snail and we would like to get another one! Love your snail garden!


    1. Hi Dawn, where we live we pick the snails out of our flower beds. And families are very happy to get rid of them. So we always have an abundance when it's time to create our garden. You could check out a pet store and see if they have any or know of where you might be able to get one.