Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play Trays

Here are some of this week's play trays.
Matching snowflakes.
 I photocopied images of snowflakes from a book on to overhead transparency film.
 They had to find the snowflakes that matched.
Magnifying glasses help with the small details.
I brought out this small light table for another sensory appeal.
Counting and matching buttons to the number on the snowman.
 The numbers are from 1 - 10.
I find that any activity that involves buttons are attractive to children,
and grown ups too.


  1. Wow this is an amazing idea! I love the picture of that little guy looking at the snowflakes through a magnifying glass! You are amazing!!

  2. Hello,

    Your blog is filled with wonderful ideas!

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Today our students decided that they too will create similar games for our classroom.


    Ms. Babalis and Mrs. Ham's Class
    Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada