Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sun Catcher Snow Globes

Today's project.
More sun than snow outside so we created our own snow scenes on these window sun catchers.
I precut the circle frames and mac tac circles.
 The children used shaped hole punches and confetti.
Or they could cut shapes free hand.
 No glue required for this craft,
Everything sticks to the mac tac.
Even fingers.
 When finished
they're ready to hang in the window.
I love how they decorate our room from the outside.


  1. What is mac tac and where can I find it? Thanks!

  2. Mac tac is sheets of adhesive that comes in a variety of colours plus clear. I think some people call it shelf liners too. I buy mine at a dollar store but you can get it at hardware stores too. Hope that helps.