Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Borrowed Workbench

I've mentioned before the benefit of working for a school district, 
especially one that has a resource centre.
I borrow from the centre often.
It saves money - I don't have to buy it.
I send it back on it's due date which means I don't have to store it.
This month I borrowed the workbench.
The children have showed interest in hammering,
every time I put out golf tees and hammers it is a busy place.
I've been waiting for this kit for half the year.
On one hand it was frustrating waiting
but on the other it's exciting to know that it is being so well used by other teachers.

The children were excited to see it 
and started right to work.
 Only one rule: you must wear safety goggles.
 Some children were more interested in playing with the toys.
This gave us opportunities to talk about real tools and toys.
What each can and cannot do.
Where our creativity and imagination can lead us.
 Hands on, real life math happening.
 We added pencils and paper to the work bench.
For a few parents it took a lot of courage (on their part) to let their child 
use real tools.
 Most were quite happy to lend a hand when needed.
 Trial and error.
What works and what doesn't let's a child figure out how
to achieve what they want.
 Sharing work space safely.
The workbench will remain for a couple more

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