Thursday, June 7, 2012

Story - Gail the Snail

This month's storytellers group theme was 'garden' stories.
I've been searching for stories to tell about snails and yay for Jenny she had one to share with us.

Before watching the video I need to say that I'm fortunate to have parents in my program that will take my Flip camera at the very last minute when I ask "will you tape me, it's easy".    They are not professionals, they have their child or children right there with them and they do the best job possible.  I'm grateful.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the story of "Gail the Snail".

Here are the characters in the story.
 Gail the Snail
I didn't have a snail puppet so I made one from a ghost fingerpuppet,
glued a shell on the back and pipe cleaners with pom poms on the top seam.
It looks find from this perspective but when you look head on you see the ghost eyes,
not in the right place for a snail.
Oh well.
Then there's Rhoda Toada, Chuck the Duck,
Mrytle Turtle and Earl the Squirrel.
I forgot my crow puppet.


  1. I loved your post - thanks for including the video too!

  2. That is so sweet that your parents will video for you. I never thought to ask anyone. Hmmm...

    I couldn't access the video from my IPad so I will have to come back for another looksee when I am at a desktop.

    Love your creativeness with the snail!

    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

    1. Thanks K - most times the recording works out well and I'm glad to be able to watch myself and learn.
      Yes my weekend was great - hope yours was too.

  3. Very clever and a good introduction to hearing some double vowel sounds, too. Carolyn

    1. Thanks Carolyn - the names were a bit tricky but fun to say - the parents got a chuckle from them.