Friday, June 8, 2012

Butterfly Release

We have been waiting for our butterflies to emerge.
 While we waited we thought about what colour they may be
and what patterns we would see.
Then they started to be born.
Today was the exciting part - 
the release.
 The sun shone down on us to welcome the butterflies
into the garden.
 Each child had an opportunity to help a butterfly.
A few butterflies flew up and out of the container
on their own.
 We shared this wonderful experience with our grandfriends
at a seniors lodge.
 The children held the butterfly and walked around to share.
What a joyful connection.
From young hands
to not so young hands.
 Then on to the flowers.
Where they stayed for us to admire.
 Our grandfriends thanked us with a treat.
We thanked them by presenting our "A Caterpillar Climbed".

A caterpillar climbed to the top of a tree
I think I'll take a nap said he
So under a leaf he did creep
Spun a cocoon and fell fast asleep
For two long weeks he slept in his cocoon bed
Til Spring came and said,
"Wake up, wake up you sleepy head"
From under a leaf there was a cry
"Look, look at me, I'm a butterfly!"


  1. I love the face on the little girl as she watches the butterfly on the flower....Maureen have you seen the book Gotta Go Gotta Go by Sam Swope-I sometimes shorten it a little depending on audience...but great book- children love to join in on the chant " I Gotta go, I Gotta Go, I Gotta Go to Mexico"!-and I have the children chant that after every page(even add extra times to chant this is the book :-)

    1. The book sounds vaguely familiar. I'll check it out - thanks for the suggestion.

  2. What a wonderful experience for them! I bet they'll always remember it.