Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Leaf Cookies

We’ve been talking about the colours the leaves have been changing and today we made our own coloured leaves 
to eat.
                                    sept 25, 2012 006
I premade the sugar cookie dough and tinted it red, orange and green.
Then rolled the dough into little balls.
                                sept 26 001
The children took a group of balls and placed them between waxed paper before
 rolling out the dough.
               sept 25, 2012 031 sept 25, 2012 007
There were mini, leaf shaped, cookie cutters to chose from.
                  sept 25, 2012 003 sept 25, 2012 018
Parents talked about the shapes of the cutters and the colours of the dough.
                            sept 25, 2012 004
Amazingly from those three little balls of dough they were able to make
2-3 cookies.

Time to bake. 
This little boy was very interested in the cooking part and insisted on taking the pan to the oven.
                                sept 25, 2012 034
So I took this opportunity to talk about time.  We set the timer then he went back to play.
At one minute left I showed him the timer and we checked the cookies. sept 25, 2012 035 
 Love the smile on his face, anticipation.
                              sept 25, 2012 036
                                sept 25, 2012 021
One batch of sugar cookie dough provided enough mini cookies for three days of snack.

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