Thursday, September 27, 2012

Leaf Prints

sept 27 002
The table was ready for leaf printing this morning
and I thought I would give it a try.
sept 27 001
I realized I rolled too much paint onto the surface
and it came off with my print, making it blurred.
sept 27 016
But I soon learned that the children used more control
when applying paint to their leaves, therefore wasn’t a problem.
sept 27 018
After applying the paint they covered the leaf with a piece of paper.
Then used a brayer and rolled over the paper.
sept 27 013 I love his focus.  Notice the tongue.

When lifting the print, the leaf often stuck to the paper. 
sept 27 014
Difficult to tell though because the placemat is showing the reflection.

We used a variety of leaves with pleasing results.
sept 27 034  sept 27 035
sept 27 036 sept 27 038
     sept 27 033


  1. i love how you hung the real leaf with the leaf print ...........

  2. Thanks - I got the idea by watching how some of the children were holding the leaf and their art work.
    I'm wondering how long they'll last on the board before they curl up.

  3. Sarah do you mean laminate the painted leaf? That would be pretty