Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Pumpkin and Sunflower Story

       oct 1 047
Our story started last spring.  We planted seeds with our big buddies.
After they sprouted we transplanted them to our outside garden.
                    july 28 008 
All summer, myself and another family ventured to the school to keep them watered.  When school started, in September, we were happy to see blossoming pumpkins and tall sunflower plants.
aug 3 009  july 28 012
All September we kept them watered
and watched the pumpkins change from green to orange
birthday 013  summer 2012 091 
and the sunflowers blossom and opened towards the sky.
summer 2012 090  summer 2012 102
Today we harvested.
oct 1 037 oct 1 038
oct 1 044 oct 1 045
We counted how many sunflower blossoms grew on this one stalk that I’m holding.

Inside we’ve been documenting our pumpkin story.
sept 27 007
sept 27 008
The children look at the pictures and we write what they say.
oct 1 054 oct 1 055 oct 1 056 oct 1 057

Our pumpkins and sunflowers are now keeping our scarecrow company till we’re ready to eat them.
             oct 1 053


  1. Hi Maureen. I love your blog! Always something worthy of a read. Do you have, or have you thought about a Facebook page to promote your blog? It is well worth a thought, you have much to share! I often share your blog posts on my FB page! :) (Karen~"Flights of Whimsy")

    1. HI Karen I've thought of putting the blog on Facebook but my biggest concern is security for my families. I'm not sure what the benefits would be to having it on Facebook. What do you find beneficial?

  2. I guess it all depends on what the focus of your blog is, ie. is it to inform your families or to help other early childhood professionals, or both. Mine tends to be both. Most folks who have an early childhood blog have an FB page, some twitter and pinterest as well. Social media is a really good way of driving traffic to your blog. Most of my traffic comes from FB and pinterest. But if you don't wish to increase your number of readers then it is probably not so crucial for you. I just think your blog is great and worthy of people seeing! I don't think it makes a lot of difference reagarding privacy if you are already on the web but if you were really concerned you can block out children's faces. I do this as privacy laws in Australia are very rigid and I would rather play it safe. All food for thought I guess Maureen. :)