Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Play Trays This Week

                september 24, 2012 001
                  Orange sand on a tray encouraging to practice print.
 sept 28 003 september 24, 2012 008
Practicing print starts with making marks. 
We saw lots of different marks; straight lines – short and long,
curved like a smile, dots and circles were a few.
            sept 25, 2012 012
Excitement when the marks becomes something recognizable to the child.
sept 27 012    sept 27 011
The sand also encouraged scooping and sifting through the fingers.
september 24, 2012 002  sept 25, 2012 011
                   Felt fall pieces to sort by shape or colour.
          september 24, 2012 004
Sorting tray with acrylic acorns, mini tongs, baskets and squirrels.
                   What fun we saw happen with these props.
sept 26 007sept 26 008sept 26 011
                        Helping the squirrel dive in to eat the acorns.
                               sept 27 029
september 24, 2012 015  sept 25, 2012 026
Sorting the acorns or once discovering the sorting tray turns, giving it a great spin.
            september 24, 2012 003
Milk cap drop box.  I saw this idea over at We Can Do All Things.
sept 26 002 sept 26 023
The children loved it and the box was easy to move around to meet any sized child.
                sept 27 027
Parents liked the simple materials and felt they could make it at home.
             september 24, 2012 012
The children enjoyed emptying the box to start over as much as they enjoyed slipping the caps into the box.


  1. Orange sand. What brilliant simplicity.
    (Did you make it or buy it?)


    1. It's decorative sand that I bought at Dollarama. Love that store.