Saturday, November 10, 2012

Coloured Pom Pom Drop

nov 2 065
Look at this great idea I found over at Learning 4 Kids.
As soon as I saw it I knew we would have to try it.
nov 7 021
Interesting though that the first day is what set up no one was interested.
No one played with it.  Hmmm, I thought it would be a hit.  Maybe the tubes were too long.  Maybe there isn’t enough room between the table and the divider that the tubes were on.  Maybe I was just expecting too much.
nov 7 003 nov 7 004
Maybe there was just other things more interesting that day because
the second day it was a busy spot.
nov 7 005 nov 7 006
It was interesting to watch the way they approached this activity.
Picking up one pom pom and dropping it in any tube, regardless of the colour. 
Then picking up several, some in each hand, and being more selective with the tubes they chose.
Then big handfuls trying to be stuffed into one tube.
nov 7 022 nov 7 024
The more it was used you could start seeing the pom poms being
sorted by colour down in the tray.
         nov 7 089
A pom pom drop is a fun, inexpensive, easy to set up toy for children to explore.


  1. What a darling, darling, darling idea!

  2. This is great!! I'm going to have to try it! And watch!! That's half the fun is seeing what the kids want to do with it!! Great idea!

    1. You are right about the fun in watching. I have a video of a child playing with these pom poms (I didn't have time to include it in the post). I love going back and watching how he sorted and decided how to use it.

  3. Love this! Kids always come up with something that we never even dreamed could be done.

  4. Great idea - and unique! I have included this on my Wrapping Paper Tube Up-cycled post. Let me know if you would like me to remove it. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Thanks Sara for linking it to your post. I'm looking forward to exploring some of the other ideas.

  5. Hi! I loved this game so much! I featured you on my blog post "Recycle cardboards and make games for kids!" .You can see it here
    I would love your feedback! Have a nice day!

  6. wow wow love this idea