Friday, November 9, 2012

Fire Truck Snack & Documentation

                nov 8 036
                      Today we built fire trucks.
         Materials to eat: tea biscuits, cheddar square crackers,
                      cheerios, raisins and grapes. 
               nov 8 033
            I made a few examples and printed them out.
nov 8 034 nov 8 035
                      nov 8 036 (2)
This boy copied each sample – reconstructing from an image.
But I wanted to see their own creative fire trucks so after they made theirs
I had them take a picture of it.
                 I followed by taking a picture of them.
nov 8 023 nov 8 024
               I am an architect.

The following boy told me that there was nothing to make a ladder so
we brought out pretzel sticks.
nov 8 018 nov 8 019
                I am an innovator.
nov 8 025 nov 8 026
              I am a designer.
nov 8 027 nov 8 028
              I am a creator.

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  1. How cute! I love that they all came out different-they are very creative.