Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hallowe’en Sensory Activities

A few things I love about Hallowe’en are the colours, scents and textures.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring several sensory experiences.
oct 15 032
Lentils with black beans plus little plastic ants and spiders.
I included little cups and spoons.
But the children enjoyed picking out the little black pieces with
their finger and thumb.

oct 29 054
We played with cloud dough but this time I added orange powder paint. 
Although the paint makes the dough quite attractive it does cause a bit more
of a mess when the little ones brush their hands on their clothes. 
So I don’t think I’ll add paint again.
oct 29 024
Included were mini Hallowe’en shaped cake pans and pumpkin shaped jello
moulds with wooden spoons.

oct 29 018 oct 29 049
Orange garland that had Hallowe’en shaped cutouts attached.
I included little black pots and little spiky balls for pinching.

And lastly mini pumpkins to cut, carve and poke.
oct 29 021
oct 29 022
Having a variety of pumpkins gave us the opportunity to talk about
  • that some of them are easy to cut while others are very hard.
  • that some pumpkins have only a few seeds and others have lots.
  • that some are orange and others are white or even yellow.

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