Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The children have been learning how to use chopsticks. 

Chopsticks are available in different play areas around the room.
IMG_3405 IMG_3432
In the house area there are chopsticks and fortune cookies
or as some say ‘they look like dumplings’.

IMG_3402 IMG_3433
On one of the play trays they could transfer yarn noodles
from basket to basket.

feb 5 006 feb 5 008
But today at the art table we used chopsticks to move cooked spaghetti
noodles from the paint to the paper.
feb 5 017 feb 5 018
It was fascinating to watch how they attempted to use the chopsticks.
I tied some of the sets of chopsticks together to make it easier.
feb 5 019 feb 5 020
Even after watching how it’s done they decided to find
their own way to move the noodles.
feb 5 023 feb 5 024
And extending the play by making fingerprints. 
Fingers are just chopsticks.
feb 5 032 feb 5 033
Or learning that the faster you rub the noodles on the paper
feb 5 034
the lighter in colour they become.

IMG_3437 feb 5 068
Two books we read today were “The Story of Chopsticks” and
feb 5 066 feb 5 067
Maggie’s Chopsticks.

feb 5 049


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    1. thanks Sandi - it was a lot of fun to watch

  2. What a great fine motor skill builder! Thanks for linking up with "Say It Two Ways Thursdays"! http://toddlefast.blogspot.ca/2013/02/say-it-two-ways-chinese-new-year.html

    1. Thanks, glad you had a look. I've started following you and look forward to seeing future posts

  3. We love to play with chopsticks too. What a great book! I will be sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page and Pinterest board.

    1. Thanks for checking it out and reposting it on to the Facebook page. I'm now a new follower.