Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easy Fortune Cookies

          feb 6 187
                   We made fortune cookies today. 
            Thanks to Mrs. Longland for the recipe. 
      She makes them with her grade 2 class every year.
        feb 6 097
        The children are becoming familiar with cooking at the
                                   round table. 
              feb 6 096
        They wait their turn and are starting to be able to predict 
                       when their turn is next.
            feb 6 102
                     Their patience is growing.
           feb 5 064
Once the batter was mixed the children and their grown ups wrote fortunes
                                    – good wishes –
                            on the little pieces of paper.
feb 6 114 feb 6 116
                                    Time to cook.
feb 6 117 feb 6 119
                  Scoop the batter with a tablespoon. 
      Use the back of the spoon to spread it thin in the pan. 
                 When the edges are brown flip it.
      feb 6 115
         As soon as you remove the cookie from the heat,
      place the fortune on it and fold in half then half again.  
               They will become crispy as they cool.
        feb 6 120
    It may take some adjustment of the heat to get it right
           but once you do they don’t take long to cook. 
               Thanks to my volunteers for cooking.

feb 6 143 feb 6 144
     Time to crack them open, read the fortune and enjoy the cookie.
         feb 6 189
                   Happy thoughts your way.

          feb 6 001
                  The recipe for you to try.


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