Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Leaves

 We collected leaves and added them to the art table
          with paints and paper.
   oct 1, 2013 003
I chose paints to match the colours of leaves in the
autumn.  And supplied smaller brushes for more
delicate paint strokes.  With simple instructions to
paint a leaf and print a leaf and we were ready to go.
oct 1, 2013 004 oct 1, 2013 009
The children figured out how to hold the leaf with
one hand while they painted with the other so it
          didn’t slip around. 
oct 1, 2013 006 oct 1, 2013 007
Some children did one colour per leaf, others did
            many colours.
oct 1, 2013 008  oct 2 067
We added them to our Autumn Tree, Autumn Leaves
           art gallery.

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