Sunday, October 6, 2013

Count and Collect Nature

     oct 2 030
Last week’s nature adventure involved rolling a die and a mystery bag.

       oct 2 033
The children took turns rolling a big yellow die that had numerals on it.
  oct 2 045  oct 2 046
Then another child reached into a bag and picked an item that I had
collected from the woods earlier in the morning.

IMG_1689   oct 2 034 
The children then went on a search for that item, counting and
collecting enough to match the number that was rolled.

  IMG_1688  oct 2 048  oct 2 039
We continued rolling, counting and collecting till we found all the
items from the mystery bag.

oct 2 055 oct 2 056
Their bags were full so I collected them and returned to school
    oct 2 057 
              to let everything dry out.

The next morning I set up the art table with the materials and
Lois Ehlert’s book “Leaf Man”.
oct 3 020 oct 3 022
     oct 4 006
With a few extra pieces they created creatures and collages.


  1. Hi my name is Luke from Ms. Smith's class
    Wow that was a very creative idea you had. I think it would be pretty exciting getting to role the dice and getting whatever item you get out of the mystery bag, I really like how you made the Leaf Man, and all the collages. By: Luke

    1. Thanks Luke for your comments. It was a lot of fun and it was a good way for the little ones to start recognizing their numbers.