Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Pumpkin Patch Play

We have a field trip planned to the real pumpkin patch this week so in preparation for it we set up a pretend pumpkin patch.  I decided to only use real pumpkins this year so the children could have authentic experiences with the texture and weight of each one.
 oct 1, 2013 027  oct 2 069

The children have been buying and selling pumpkins to each other and to the grown ups.  Taking on the roles of seller and buyer, sometimes at the same time.
oct 2 005 oct 2 010
          oct 3 015
Their number play has included money, pricing, weighing and using the cash register.
 As well as recognizing the numerals on the cash machine.

oct 2 003 oct 7 018
Harvesting the pumpkins and restocking is a job that needs to be done at the
pumpkin patch before the next customers arrives.

 oct 4 020 oct 4 021
Having paper and pencil available allows a child to document her own learning. 
She is drawing a picture of her pumpkin.  It has become a sign on the side of the
              oct 2 014
It also helps put her learning in to practice.  She’s printing numbers and
letters after using the cash register.

      oct 2 027
And keeping lists, just like they see adults do.


  1. Hi Ms Wagner, my name is Tiana and I am a grade 7 student from Mrs. Smith's class,
    I love picking my pumpkins each year it is so much fun for the whole family! This year my other family member are putting on a Pumpkin Fest for everyone to come, pick and pimpkins and play some games. We are going to go there this year to get our pumpkin and I am going to help out with the games and such. Halloween is a fun time of the year for everyone to enjoy!
    Do you have a Halloween costume for this year that you are going to wear?

    1. Hi Tiana. I would like to know where the Pumpkin Fest is held. Is it open to everyone? It sounds like a lot of fun.
      I do have a costume to wear to school. I'm going to be a minion from Despicable Me. Do you have a costume ready?

  2. The pumpkin Fest is held at Coastal back in Black Creek for the next few weeks open to everyone! At the pumpkin Fest there is a hay maze, Pumpkin bowling, ring toss, farm animals, pick your own pumpkin and many more fun things to do. There are classes from all different schools going throughout the week. Even Brooklyn classes are going! Cool costume! For Halloween I am going to be Mad Hatter for this year.

    1. Thanks Tiana, I follow Coastal Black on Facebook. The hay maze looks like a lot of fun. Yes I heard our kindergarten classes visited today.