Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pet Visits

We are finishing off a month of Vet and Pets with a tour of a vet clinic this morning.  During the past month several families brought their pets in for visits.
         nov 8 010 nov 8 011
We first met two little foster kittens. The family was caring for them and their mother until
they were old enough to be adopted.
 nov 8 012 nov 8 014
       One was adventurous and the other a little shier.

nov 12 049 nov 12 036
Then we met a snake.  We let it loose on a table but it kept slithering away.
nov 12 051 nov 12 052
           nov 12 067
        We brought out some props and it quickly hid away.
     nov 12 075 1462074_765018706846925_1671949922_n 
        But not before we had a chance to get to know it better.

nov 15 011 nov 15 012
Then we had a very soft and white dog visit.  He loved to be petted.

nov 18 038 nov 18 039
Lastly we had a cat visit that looked very similar to one of our stuffies,
which we introduced to him.
          nov 18 032
But once the cat saw the fish that was all it was interested in.

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