Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Vet Clinic Tour

nov 27 001  nov 27 012
    Today we visited a vet clinic and saw some amazing things.
 nov 27 064 nov 27 006
It started in their waiting area when we met Carrot the Parrot fish.  It likes to
follow the children from one side of the tank to the other and if you were lucky
he would give you a fish kiss.
 nov 27 069 nov 27 010
We met Sarah and Nipper and they gave us a scavenger hunt of things to
look for while we walked around the clinic.
         nov 27 020
 nov 27 019 nov 27 021
Behind the scenes we saw a technician getting a dog ready for surgery.  Sarah pointed to the tube in the dog’s mouth and explained it helped the dog go to sleep and breathe while it was in surgery.
nov 27 077 nov 27 079
Next we visited the xray room and Nipper pretended to get an xray.  We saw an xray of a cat’s ribs.  Sarah talked to us about keeping our small toys away from our pets because they might try to eat them.
nov 27 027 nov 27 029
There were a lot of dogs and cats, in separate rooms, that were recovering from surgeries.  We quietly walked past them so they wouldn’t be scared.
nov 27 038 nov 27 045
We also saw a cat that had just been neutered and now they were tattooing it’s ear.  In case it gets lost and someone finds him they can call the vet to try to find the owner.
      nov 27 031 nov 27 084
Before we went back to the examination room we were able to
peek into the surgery to see the veterinarian operating on the dog.
     nov 27 032 nov 27 033
One last thing Sarah showed us was some of the problems that cats
and dogs have, like worms.
        nov 27 034
We got a good look at a tape worm and some fleas, in containers of course. 
Sarah reminded us how important it is to wash our hands after playing with a cat or dog or when you come inside from playing in a sandbox. 
We were impressed by all that we saw at the vet clinic this morning. 
It would be a fun job to work with all the animals.

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