Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fire Fighters

For the last several weeks we have been talking about fire fighters.
We spent about a week reading books and brainstorming what we know
                                 about fire fighters.
A parent that works at Costco saved us this great box.  Once we opened it
                  we started to plan how we would get in to it.
      The children drew the windows and doors and I cut them out.
Added two chairs, steering wheel and radio and it was ready to go.
This is an interesting question for us because in our valley we have three fire departments and they all have different coloured trucks.  We are planning trips to a couple of those fire halls so we will ask the fire fighters why their trucks are different colours.

In the meantime we had a visitor to our school.
The fire house came to school for the grade 3 classes to learn about getting
                        out of a burning house safely.
Retired Deputy Fire Chief was volunteering and we asked him to visit our room to take a look at our fire truck.  We asked, 'why the trucks are different colours?"  He explained that a few decades ago it was believed that black and white was easier to see in traffic and that is why some fire trucks were changed.  But most trucks are still red.  We will have to survey the children to see what the majority want to paint the truck.

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