Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fire Hose

When we were brainstorming about fire fighters one thing that was mentioned by most children was a hose.  They were needed to put out fires.  They sprayed water.  They were on the trucks.

So a hose was something we definitely needed for our fire truck.
I found the orange reel at a yard sale just down the street from my house for $2.  I couldn’t believe how lucky.  I then visited one of the local bike shops (one of our dad’s works there) and asked for old bike tubes.
I cut off the valves and stapled the tubes together to make one long piece.  Covering the staples with black electric tape to prevent getting scratched while we played.
   IMG_3159 IMG_3161
    Then I attached it to the reel with packing tape and we wound it in. 
       A hard piece of cardboard tubing was used for the nozzle.
   IMG_3201 IMG_3200
The fire fighters worked hard breaking into the structure (yes it is our truck but also worked well as a burning building) with their axes then spraying in water.  A parent added blue streamers in the end of the nozzle.  I love that the grown ups are comfortable adding and inventing too.
Just like a real fire station we leave our equipment all set for another day
                                          of fire fighting.

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