Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dino Antics Day #3

It’s Wednesday and we spend the whole morning with our grand friends at their seniors home.  Well I was surprised, when I opened my traveling bin, to see the dinosaurs inside.
I think they were attracted to the bird’s nest that I had in there because in the nest
                                         there was an egg.
                       And it looked like the egg was ready to hatch.
I carefully moved them all on to the floor and left them for the children to discover.
                 This child was very interested and had lot to say.
“Where did the egg come from?  How does the egg hatch?  Is there a dinosaur inside?”  She picked it up and figured out how to open the egg.
“Which are the parents?”  She picked up the two blue dinosaurs and said the baby
                             didn’t have it’s stripes yet.
               Do dinosaurs sit on their eggs to help them hatch?

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