Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Play to Learn

This little boy found two balls on the carpeted area.  I watched him suck on the balls, drop them, crawl after them, put them in his mouth again and crawl some more until he came across this tube.
Once he got to the tube he sat up and dropped the ball into the tube.  No one was around him, he was on his own and focused on what he was doing.  After putting both balls in he would lean over and peer inside then try to get them out by sticking his hand in.
I showed him once to turn it over to get the balls out.  He promptly put the balls back in and tried again to get them out.  This time he picked it up and shook it.  It wasn’t till he dropped the pipe that the balls rolled out.
                          One rolled out and across the floor.
                      He followed and brought it back to the pipe.
      And started all over again.  Simple toy but so much learning.

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