Monday, July 9, 2018

I'll Fill It Myself

Last week I cleaned out the Little One's sensory bin and left it empty till I arrived this week.
Well before I left last week the Little One and I were playing at home.
I was in the kitchen and she disappeared into the bedrooms.
I realized it was awfully quiet in the bedroom so I went in to check.
I found her inside the tub of the sensory table.
She was having a great time sitting on the edge (except that the mirror started falling on her).  
I quickly slipped that down behind and she went on playing with her baby.
This was great play for her and she worked hard to climb into the tub so I let her continue.
 Getting out takes a lot more courage and manoeuvring.
It also takes courage to ask for help too.
It's a self motivating physical development climber.
I would never have thought of this!


  1. So many times kids come up with the best play ideas on their own! Lol! You can set up something to play with and they will go whole different direction with it than what you had planned! :)


    1. That's one reason I love working and being with children, they can teach us to see things in new ways.