Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

I made soap foam.
You start with a bar of soap, I used Ivory, and shred it in a jar.
Fill the jar with hot water and let the soap melt.
Seal the jar till you are ready to use it.
I added a few tablespoons to a big bowl with some water.
Using an electric hand mixer quickly foams it up nice and thick.
I added some blue food colouring.
 Into the tub went a cow, a pig and a duck.
Time to be Mrs Wishy Washy again.
They were soon up to their elbows in suds.
Scooping and traveling with it
 over to the water table.
Where they washed it off in the water.
Learning a new word "bubbles".
A delight to say and hear.
They went back to clean up the foam as it was drying on the cement.

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